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about Death, Loss, and Grief

Here you can share your personal experiences with others and inquire about the volunteers’ experiences with grief.

The advice column is a space where you can find recognition in someone who has also experienced loss. It offers you the opportunity to write to Aliasoqatit’s volunteers about their experiences with death, loss, and grief. You can share your thoughts and feelings with the volunteers who meet you with a special understanding, as they all have personal experiences with loss and grief.

After you submit your inquiry to the advice column, you can expect to see a response on our website within a maximum of two weeks. During busy periods and holidays, it may take a bit longer.

We regularly share letters from the advice column on our Facebook page. We always anonymize the questions and answers to ensure they cannot be traced back to specific individuals.

Write to the advice column at the bottom of the page.

Volunteers Respond to Posts

The volunteers at Aliasoqatit have all lost a child, partner/spouse, parent, sibling, other family members, or friends. They write based on their own experiences. They have been where you might be right now and are willing and able to read and share their hard-earned experiences.

Who can write to the advice column?

The advice column is open to all who are bereaved, aged 13-99 years, who have lost a child, partner/spouse, parent, sibling, other family members, or friends.

In the advice column, you can write to Aliasoqatit’s volunteers, aged 20-80 years, who all have lost a loved one and understand the difficult situation you are in.

If you are a friend, spouse, partner, parent, child, or other family member of someone who is bereaved, you are also very welcome to write to the volunteers. They can share their own experiences and perhaps offer advice on how best to support someone in grief.

What can the advice column be used for?

Sometimes, it can be a relief to write about your difficulties. You can write to the advice column around the clock. It can be used to ask the bereaved volunteers about their experiences and insights. You can also share your story, a poem, or a letter – or simply express how you are feeling right now.

The advice column is part of Aliasoqatit.gl

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