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Here we share knowledge about grief in Greenland and general advice about coping with grief.

Radio Program about Aliasoqatit

March 2024

KNR has produced a radio broadcast featuring and about Aliasoqatit’s volunteers.

Listen to find out more about Aliasoqatit’s offerings and the volunteers who use their own grief experiences to help others in mourning (DK/KAL).

Grief can be hard to talk about

December 2023

Thanks to Arnanut for publishing an excellent article about Aliasoqatit’s volunteers who use their own experiences of grief to assist others in mourning. Read it here (DK/KAL).

Access Arnanut magazine here (DK/KAL).

Report on Grief in Greenland

December 2019

In collaboration with Greenlandic partners at the National Grief Center, we conducted a study titled “Grief in Greenland,” and a report was published in 2019. Read the press release in Danish and the report in both Danish and Greenlandic.

Death can be experienced as traumatic, whether it occurs suddenly or after a period of illness.

March 2024

When loss is sudden, such as in an accident, when someone goes hunting and does not return, or in cases of suicide or murder, one is not prepared for the loss. This can lead to a crisis situation where one is quickly overwhelmed by shock, intense emotions and reactions, or where one feels numb and struggles to comprehend what has happened.

Grief is a Dynamic Process

November 2023

Learning to live with grief after losing a significant person can be challenging and time-consuming. It is a complex and dynamic process, which we now understand quite well thanks to many years of research and studies.

Expressions of Grief

November 2023

Grief is a natural human response when one loses a person who has been significant in one’s life. This could be a family member, partner, close friend, or colleague. Grief can be difficult to define, as the concept has gradually been attributed many meanings. Below, we describe how to think of grief as both a reaction and a process.

Mini-Conference ‘Together in Grief’

August 2022

The National Grief Center, with the participation of HRH Crown Princess Mary and along with Greenlandic partners, held the conference: “Together in Grief in Greenland” on August 24, 2022, in Nuuk.

Theme: When Death Comes Suddenly

June 2020

As someone left behind after a sudden death, you may not have had the chance to say goodbye to the deceased as sudden deaths often occur under dramatic circumstances. Therefore, as someone bereaved by a sudden death, you may find it helpful to reflect on stories and accounts from others who have experienced sudden loss. We link here to the National Grief Center’s Danish website.

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