Grief Support

Aliasoqatit offers several grief support options.

Café Evenings

The volunteers regularly host café evenings with different themes in Nuuk.

A café evening starts with presentations from 1-2 volunteers, both of whom have experienced loss and share their stories. Afterwards, there will be a cup of coffee, and an opportunity to talk with others who have experienced loss.

Check out our schedule for online café evenings for autumn 2023 and spring 2024 here and on Facebook.

Advice Column

Here you can read various questions and answers from the bereaved. You can also submit your own question, and the volunteers will respond to it, publishing both the question and answer anonymously on this page.


Here you can chat anonymously with volunteers. The chat is available during specific hours when we have enough volunteers to staff it.


Aliasoqatit offers an anonymous service – whether you use our chat, advice column, or café evenings – you can choose to remain completely anonymous if you wish. The volunteers cannot see who you are, but they may ask certain questions to better understand and assist you.

Do you need help now?

Contact TUSAANNGA 801180

If you’re feeling sad, having problems, or just need someone to talk to.

You can call Tusaannga at 801180 or text 1899.

Here, you can talk or chat with a professional counselor.

Opening Hours:

Monday – Thursday: 24 hours

Friday – Saturday: 24 hours

Sunday: 24 hours