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Collaboration around Aliasoqatit

About Aliasoqatit

The National Grief Center is behind:

Aliasoqatit – a grief support network for those affected by death

Sammen om Sorg – grief support after death

We collaborate with organizations and professionals in Greenland to exchange knowledge and ensure that Aliasoqatit complements and supports existing services and initiatives. Aliasoqatit is based on the Sorglinjen and peer-to-peer volunteerism developed over 20 years. In Greenland, the service has been developed in close dialogue and cooperation with volunteers and various professional actors to ensure that Aliasoqatit is relevant:


Social Services

Foreningen Grønlandske Børn

Mio – Greenland’s Child Rights Institution

Center for Public Health at Ilisimatursarfik/University of Greenland and SDU

Aliasoqatit has been made possible thanks to financial support from Oak Foundation Denmark and the North Atlantic Fund granted through the Finance Act.

About the National Grief Center

The National Grief Center was established in 2000 and works to ensure that grief does not destroy lives—both through prevention and treatment. There is a need to destigmatize death and grief so that those grieving do not feel alone when sorrow strikes. If illness, death, and grief are topics we can talk about, it also becomes easier to assist those grieving and identify those who need more specialized help. Learn more about the organization and its history at sorgcenter.dk.


Her Royal Highness Crown Princess Mary has been the patron of the National Grief Center since 2013. We are deeply grateful for the Crown Princess’s significance in speaking about and destigmatizing grief and the experience of being left with the difficult emotions that are part of grief. The Crown Princess herself lost her mother at a young age.

The National Grief Center was the proud recipient of the Crown Prince Couple’s Social Award in 2016. The award is given for special efforts by organizations working with volunteerism. We received it for our work with peer-to-peer grief support, where volunteer bereaved use their own experiences to help others who are grieving.

H.R.H. Crown Princess Mary spoke at the Mini-Conference “Together in Grief” in Nuuk in August 2022. Learn more here:

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