Stories of Grief


Breaking the Taboo on Suicide

Lena Ravn Davidsen in Ilulissat shares her personal story about how suicide and grief have been significant in her life.

A volunteer at Aliasoqatit facilitated the contact with Lena, and Greenlandic Life Stories produced this insightful podcast.

Listen here:  #24 Breaking the Taboo on Suicide

The Grief We Speak About

For now, we share a new Danish podcast about grief:

In the podcast series “The Grief We Speak About,” the director of the National Grief Center, Preben Engelbrekt, converses with Lotus Turell, Basim, Carsten Jensen, Thyra Frank, and Esben Kjær, all of whom have experienced and felt grief in various ways. The discussions explore the difficulties of losing parents, losing a child, the challenge of talking about grief that becomes entrenched, and how grief changes over time.

Preben Engelbrekt emphasizes the need to talk more openly about grief:

“Grief is not just emotions. It’s also about how we continue living well with others. The way the deceased live on is largely through our ability to talk about them. Therefore, grief is not only about what we’ve lost—but also about what we carry with us for the rest of our lives from the person who has died,” says Preben Engelbrekt.

All participants in the podcast series speak openly and honestly about the difficulties of losing a close family member. They also discuss what has eased and helped them move forward. It is often during Christmas and New Year that many miss and remember the deceased. The podcast series addresses a taboo subject and articulates difficult thoughts and emotions. It excellently illustrates that grief is about the relationship we had with the deceased and less about the deceased’s age.

Preben Engelbrekt hopes others will find reflection in the conversations and gain inspiration and courage to have their own discussions with their loved ones. He also hopes the conversations will provide good support to listeners during the holidays:

“We know it can be a tough time for the bereaved. Grief and loneliness are especially prevalent during the holidays. I hope all bereaved can recognize something in themselves, and that the podcast series will help instill hope and belief that life can be good again, even though the worst imaginable has happened.”

Listen on Spotify, Apple Podcast, or wherever you listen to podcasts.

You can also listen directly here: The Grief We Speak About(

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