Would you like to help other bereaved people?

All adults over 20 years can become volunteers.

The volunteers at Aliasoqatit have all lost family or friends to illness, suicide, accidents, or other causes in recent years. They all know how much it helps to talk with others about the loss, the longing, and the grief. Therefore, it makes great sense for the volunteers to make a difference for others who have lost their loved ones.

Meet the volunteers at Aliasoqatit here.

The volunteers have experienced it themselves.

At Aliasoqatit, you can meet, talk to, or write to volunteers. They are both young and old, and what they have in common is that they have lost a loved one themselves and are willing to listen and share their experiences with you.

Many find that friends, family, and partners have difficulty understanding. Unfortunately, many also experience that their surroundings completely forget to ask how they are doing – or do not know how to do it. Therefore, many find it a huge relief to talk to others who have experienced the same. The volunteers at Aliasoqatit have experienced grief up close and therefore understand the situation.

What do I gain from being a volunteer?

As a volunteer, you become part of a social community where you can have fun, enjoy each other’s company, and talk about the loss and grief. The volunteers find it meaningful to use their hard-earned experiences to help others in the same situation. They become role models, showing other bereaved that life can be good again, even after losing family or friends.


All volunteers participate in:

  • Two-day volunteer seminar
  • Follow-up training after 6 months
  • Regular group supervision with a psychologist
  • Social events, including a Christmas party

How do I become a volunteer?

We are looking for volunteers of all age groups from 20 years and up. If you live in Nuuk and have lost family or friends to illness, accidents, suicide, addiction, or other reasons, and you are interested in helping others in grief together with the volunteers at Aliasoqatit.

Write to gronland@sorgcenter.dk for more information and a conversation with a professional – we will tell you how to become a volunteer, what you do as a volunteer, and what it gives and requires of you to be a volunteer at Aliasoqatit.

Do you need help now?

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