I’ve Attempted Suicide

Why? A year has almost passed since I tried to commit suicide, and my body is reacting violently. It’s as if I’m dying now. Why do I feel this way?


Dear you,

You ask why? Why you are reacting violently, a year after you attempted suicide? It is a big question and difficult to answer without knowing more about you and your life situation.

But I know that suicidal thoughts and actions must be taken very seriously. It sounds like you are feeling a very deep pain. It is therefore good that you are reaching out for help.

At Aliasoqatit, all volunteers are here because of personal experiences with losing one or more loved ones. As volunteers, we offer our support based on this experience. This form of volunteering is called Peer to Peer volunteering, and it is characterized by not requiring a specific education, and there is no expectation of providing professional help. Instead, volunteers use their personal experiences with loss and grief to connect with others in similar situations.

Based on what you have shared, I recommend contacting Tussanga, https://socialstyrelsen.gl/4_tilbud_til_borgerne/tusaannga?sc_lang=da

Phone: 80 11 80

SMS: 18 99

Opening hours: Tusaannga is open every day, 24 hours a day

You can speak with someone who has time to listen and who can help you figure out where to go to get the relevant help you need.

Best regards and thoughts,