I Lost My Parents

I lost my parents when I was three years old. I remember they died in a fire, and my grandfather threw me out of the window to save me, and then he came out too, leaving us alone together. But since then, my grandfather has also died.


Dear you,

Thank you for your post. What a harsh story from your early childhood.

It was fortunate that your grandfather was able to save you. He must have meant a great deal to you as you grew up.

You didn’t mention when your grandfather passed away, but I can imagine it must have been a huge loss for you when he died. Besides being your rescuer, I get the impression that he was like a parent to you.

If you feel like writing in again, I would like to hear more about what he meant to you, when you lost him, and how his loss has affected you. You are also welcome to share more about your thoughts on losing your parents so early in life and in such a violent way.

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I hope to hear more from you.

Best regards and thoughts,