I Lost My Mother on September 10th

My mother died at a very old age. Today, I am very weak. I visited her older sister at the nursing home, thinking it would ease my pain, but it only made it worse 😥 I don’t know when I’ll get over this. I startled her older sister, but I told her I would get through it; I felt even worse when I left, and when I reached her grave, I was still crying.


Dear you,

First and foremost, I am very sorry to hear that you have lost your mother.

It is hard to lose a parent, even if that parent lived to an old age and you had many years together. It also means there are many memories and experiences to look back on.

It sounds like a difficult visit to your aunt at the nursing home. Sometimes we are overwhelmed by our grief at times when we are not prepared for it.

You write that you don’t know when you will get over it. When we talk to people here who have lost someone they loved, they tell us that grief is not something that goes away. Instead, it is something you learn to live with over time. I hope that happens for you as well.

Grief can be a lonely place, and it can be a great support to talk to others who have experienced loss. I am glad that you wrote to us at the Aliasoqatit Grief Advice Column. You are always welcome to write to us again.

Or maybe you would like to participate in a grief café evening, either physically in Nuuk or online, depending on where you live.

Read more about Aliasoqatit’s offerings here: https://aliasoqatit.gl/da/sorgstoette/ and see the list of upcoming café evenings here: https://aliasoqatit.gl/da/cafeaftner/

Best regards,