Companionship in Grief

Wednesday, October 25, 2023: Café meeting about grief – theme: “Companionship in Grief”

Online Café Evening: Companionship in Grief

Join the online café evening about grief, tailored for those who have lost a loved one due to illness, suicide, accident, or other circumstances.

The theme of this café evening is how companionship and conversation can ease the grief following the loss of someone close.

Grief accompanies us throughout our lives, but it becomes slightly easier to bear when we share it with others, helping us feel less alone and isolated.

The evening will begin with a conversation between two Aliasoqatit volunteers and psychologist Mette Mørk Bjørnskov. Both volunteers have experienced loss and will share their stories. This discussion will serve as a presentation that attendees at the café event can listen to. Afterwards, participants will be divided into smaller groups where there will be an opportunity to discuss various experiences of being together in grief.


17:00-17:10: Participants admitted to the Zoom room (and technical checks)

17:10-17:20: Brief introductions by Aliasoqatit participants

17:20-17:25: Introduction to the theme: Companionship in Grief

17:25-17:55: Conversation between volunteers and Mette

17:55-18:05: Break

18:05-18:45: Exchange of experiences in smaller groups (online breakout rooms), where participants are also welcome to just listen to those who wish to share

18:40-19:00: Common closing and thanks for the evening

☞ Location: Online via a Zoom link, which will be sent out to registered participants 

☞ Date: :** Wednesday, October 25, 2023 17:00 to 19:00 

☞ Registration at Email: with language preference (Greenlandic/Danish speaking or both)

Organizer: Aliasoqatit – Together in Grief – Grief Support After Death –

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