Miss You Mom

Dear Mom,

I miss you…

When the sun is out, I remember you more than anything else.

I miss your calls and your unwavering belief that one is the best, strongest, and brightest.

The kids miss you, even Karl, who never got to meet you. But I understand them. You were the center and the one who held us together.

It’s almost been 5 years. But it feels like yesterday that you were taken from us.

I could really use a hug, a kiss on the head, and your special way of holding my hand when things were tough.

I hope and believe you are watching over us.


Beautiful thoughts you have about your mom – it’s lovely to see that you still feel her presence. That’s what good memories make possible.

You are very welcome to write to us again.

My best thoughts to you and your family.

Best regards from one of the volunteers

If you need help now, you can call Tusaannga at 801180 or SMS to 1899.

Find other help here: https://aliasoqatit.gl/ikiortissanik-allanik-nassaarit/

See dates for Aliasoqatit cafe meetings about grief here: https://aliasoqatit.gl/nuummi-naapeqatigiissitsisarnerit/